Selling a home is a huge project to undertake. Listing a property isn’t as easy as placing a price tag on the house and sticking a sign in the yard. In fact, the actions you take or don’t take, the tasks you complete or don’t complete, will directly impact how quickly your house sells, and for how much money. With the right attitude and energy, you can increase the perceived value of your home and sell for top dollar in no time. Here’s how.

👥 Your Florida Real Estate Agent

choosing a real estate agentYour Ace in the hole is your Florida real estate agent. Your agent is going to be in the trenches, communicating at length with clients who want to know why your house is worth their investment. The way your agent conducts his or her business is going to determine the course of your endeavor.

Your agent’s first goal is going to be to help you set a competitive price for your home. He or she will advise you on how to prepare the home for showings, and what to expect. The agent will then market your property to the right buyers to solicit offers. You and your agent will discuss the offers, negotiate if needed, until you agree to an offer and accept. Your agent guides you through the process of inspections, appraisals, and legalities. The right agent could help earn you thousands of dollars in profit for a job well done.

💲Pricing Your House to Sell

Pricing your house to sell is one of the most critical elements in your endeavor. The right price can generate a fast sale at a good price whereas a price that’s too high could deem the house unsellable altogether.

Many sellers don’t realize how finicky the real estate market is consistently. You may think it’s wise to start high and then lower the price if it doesn’t sell – but unfortunately, that can be damaging. The longer the house is on the market and the more times its price comes down, the more seriously buyers begin to ask themselves what’s wrong with the property. Why won’t it sell? Why is the price being reduced? Instead of seeing the price reduction as a bonus and a trigger to act now, they perceive it instead as a warning sign or a red flag that the property could be problematic.

Your agent will help you price your house based on a comprehensive market analysis through which you can see what buyers are willing to pay for houses like yours in your area, and how long a house stays on the market before selling.

🖼 Staging Your House to Show

Staging your house is a way of dressing it up for a first-date. Someone is going to come over and gather a first impression of your home. They’re going to tour the space, get a feel, and then ask themselves if they’re willing to commit to a long-term relationship. You want your house to look, smell, and feel its best.

🚪 Open Houses and Home Tours

Your agent may put a lockbox on your house through which other agents can access the key and show your home to clients. You may also experience an open house. In any case, try not to be home while people are viewing your house; it can feel awkward. Having strangers parade through the environment can also be stressful for household pets, so if you have furry household members, consider finding a safe place for them to hang out while your house is being explored by potential buyers.

Offers and Negotiations

You have the right to accept, reject, or negotiate any offer. Your agent will help you decipher the offers and determine which offer is best for you. You’ll set a closing date with the buyer and then complete the necessary processes prior to closing.

🔎 Home Inspections and Appraisals

The buyer’s lender requires your house to be inspected, appraised, and possibly surveyed. The inspection determines that the property is in good condition and free of significant problems or pests. The appraisal determines fair market value to satisfy the lender the house is worth what the lender is borrowing

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